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Bandai Atami Onsen Miyama-so Ryokan is a small inn with four guest rooms. It is not what you might call a high-end ryokan. Therefore, you will not find any luxurious interior furnishings or fancy decorations, so if that is the type of inn you are looking for, I'm afraid we will not meet your expectations.
So what are the advantages to a small inn? We ask ourselves this question every day and do our best to provide the finest hospitality we can with sincerity.
Cleanliness is very important to us, and we strive daily to maintain the facility checking every nook and cranny inside and out. When providing customer service we do our utmost to respect the privacy of our customers and consider their needs.
'September 2000 Complete renovation of Miyama-so
'November 2009 Minor renovations to the special room, exterior construction, installation of mini flower bed
'August 2012 Completion of large-scale repair work after the Great East Japan Earthquake (entire exterior, entire main bath, interior wallpaper)
'September 2018 Handrails installed in the halls and entrance hall
'April 2019 Waterproofing of garage roof completed
Miyama-so Ryokan
Check in is at 3:30 p.m. and checkout is at 10 a.m.
We do not have any pamphlets to send. Instead we ask that you print our homepage if you require a pamphlet.
The four guest rooms are all non-smoking rooms (since January 2012).
There are two smoking areas in the lobby and two air purifiers.
Miyama-so Ryokan
Customer testimonials
Sometimes we receive letters or e-mails from guests who have stayed at Miyama-so. Reading letters from our guests helps soothe our souls that get worn down by the daily grind, and they help us give Miyama-so a renewed vitality. Allow us to share some of these heartwarming letters with you here.
owner and proprietress
Miyama-so's owner and proprietress
Katsuma Sato (pictured on the left)
As the owner is also our head chef, we try to meet the menu requests from our customers as far as we are able.
April 1985 - October 1986 Izura Kanko Hotel Taikan-so (Ibaraki)
October 1986 - February 1993 Suigetsuen Ichiriki (currently Shikisai Ichiriki)
March 1993 - February 1994 Daiichi Inn Koriyama Japanese restaurant Isuzuko
March 1994 - Inherited the management of Miyama-so
Toki Sato (pictured on the right)
Worked as a nursery school teacher prior to getting married and is accustomed to dealing with children. If you feel you are unable to travel because you have small children, please ease your mind and come and stay with us at Miyama-so!
'April 1985 Employed by a private daycare center
April 1986 - June 1989 Employed by a school for deaf children (Prefectural Koriyama Kofu Gakuen)
'1991 Got married and began working at Miyama-so
March 1994 - Inherited the management of Miyama-so
Meals prepared with great care by the owner and head chef
The owner and head chef at Miyama-so takes great care in preparing each individual dish using carefully selected, seasonal ingredients. For this reason, all of the dishes cannot be placed before the guests at once. Kaishoku meals generally require between 1.5 to 2 hours. Each individual dish is brought out as it is prepared. Hot dishes are served hot and cold dishes are served cold, so that you can enjoy them as they should be enjoyed. We hope you will enjoy the traditional, rather than original, Fukushima meals served here, uninfluenced by fashion or trends.
*As the owner is also the head chef, we strive to meet menu requests and requirements, such as allergy concerns, as far as we are able.
Goemon bath
Reserve the main bath and Goemon bath for private use at no extra charge.
The main bath and Goemon bath at Miyama-so can be reserved for private use at no extra charge. Feel free to reserve the bath as many times as you like as long as it is not in use. This is quite popular to do among couples and families. The water at Bandai Atami Onsen is not recycled or reheated in any way. Please relax in our 100% simple alkaline hot spring Goemon bath, which is a rare find these days.
Bathing hours
3:30 p.m. - 11 p.m., 6:30 a.m. - 9:30 am. (for overnight guests only)
Four guest rooms
At Miyama-so, futons are spread out in the rooms before the arrival of our guests. This is because we try to keep our visits to guest rooms at an absolute minimum while guests are staying. Please let us know beforehand if you prefer that we do not spread your futon out in advance. We use high quality bedding from Maruhachi Mawata.
Dinner field
Facilities at Miyama-so
Miyama-so does not have any annexed facilities like that of a large-scale hotel, nor is it a high-end inn. Therefore, you will not find any luxurious interior furnishings or fancy decorations, so if that is the type of inn you are looking for, I'm afraid we will not meet your expectations. There is a small space where souvenirs and fresh honey produced by local farmers are available for purchase.
Please make reservations by phone or e-mail. If you make a reservation by e-mail and do not receive a reply from Miyama-so within three days, please contact us by phone.